Why You Should Consider Hiring Unarmed Security Guards to Protect Your Store

As a business owner, you are always thinking about how to protect your store. One of the most effective ways to do this is by hiring security guards. However, not all security guards are created equally. Some business owners might think that armed guards are the best option, but that is not always the case. In fact, hiring unarmed security guards can be just as effective, if not more so. This post will explore the benefits of hiring unarmed security guards to protect your store.

Calmer Response

Hiring unarmed security guards can be a great way to help avoid unnecessary escalation. In a heated situation, an armed guard might feel required to use their weapon, often resulting in a response that is out of proportion to the original problem. Unarmed guards can use calm words, de-escalation techniques, and physical restraint to maintain order without introducing the risk of physical harm or unnecessary escalation. They can help protect the public in a much more peaceful and calm way.

Less Intimidating

Armed guards can be intimidating to customers and staff. While they can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals, they can also create an atmosphere that is tense and uncomfortable. Unarmed security guards can maintain safety without causing this stress and tension, which can help create a more welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

Save on Costs

Armed guards often receive higher salaries than unarmed guards due to the additional risks they are exposed to and the additional training required. By hiring unarmed security guards, you can save on the costs associated with hiring armed guards. This can be especially helpful for smaller businesses that need to watch their budgets.

More Approachable

Unarmed security guards are more approachable than armed guards. They can be seen as part of the general staff team, building good relationships with customers. They can help customers feel safe and secure while they shop, and they can also act as representatives of your store, answering questions and passing on feedback to management.


Unarmed security guards can undertake tasks beyond just keeping watch for criminal activity. For example, they can monitor entrances and exits, check ID cards, or help the elderly or disabled. They can act as additional customer service representatives, resolving complaints or assisting with lost and found possessions.

Hiring unarmed security guards can be a smart investment for businesses of all sizes. They offer a more affordable, less intimidating approach to store security while also providing a range of valuable services and functions beyond just security. With their tools and skills, they can help minimize risk, keep tensions low, and create a more welcoming atmosphere for customers and staff alike. For more information about unarmed security guards, reach out to a local service.

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