Have A Business And Crime Increasing In The Area? 2 Tips To Provide Protection

If you have a business and crime is increasing in your area, you do not have to move. Instead, there are many ways you can provide protection for yourself, your employees, and your building. Below is information about two ways to help you decide what would work best for you. 

Unarmed Security Guards 

You could hire unarmed security guards for protection. This can be much better than security guards that are armed. This is because guns may scare your employees or customers or clients that come into your building. 

Unarmed security guards monitor your location and people that come into your building. They are there to prevent crime from happening, monitor surveillance videos, investigate suspicious activity, and they can also report to the police if they feel this is needed. If they see children running around without a parent, they can find the parent to reunite them. Customers can go to the security guard and ask questions about your business, the location, etc. 

There are likely services close to you that can provide unarmed security guards for your business.  You could have someone work full-time at your business or part-time. 

Install Security System

Along with an unarmed security guard, you should also install a security system. There are many different types of systems you can choose from. One is hiring a security company to install a system for you. This system will be connected to the company so if an alarm goes off, they would be notified immediately. They can then send the appropriate authorities to your business. 

You could install security cameras on the premises to monitor who comes in and out. Adding video surveillance along with the cameras can be even more helpful. If you hire an unarmed security guard, they may be able to suggest a system for you. 

Installing security lights is another way to provide protection. These lights can be beneficial as they are bright and cover a very wide area. They automatically turn on if someone walks up to your door. Because the lights are so bright the intruder may choose to leave the premises very quickly as they can easily be seen. 

There are other ways you can provide protection, such as installing a key card system at the entrance to your building, installing video cameras inside your building. If you have a very large building, consider hiring more than one unarmed security guard. 

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