Looking For Security Guard Services? 4 Types Of Security Guard Services You Might Need

While there are different types of security guard services, their main aim is to provide protection. Their jobs often entail securing assets, monitoring premises, reporting, and responding to any security breaches. If you want to hire security officers, you need to learn the common services they offer. This will help you know what exactly to go for to satisfy your needs. Here are some common types of security guard services you might need.

1. Personal Security Guard Services

These security guards are usually known as bodyguards. They are mandated with the task of offering security services to high-profile individuals. Personal security guard services are usually reserved for celebrities, business moguls, and famous people.

The guards protect their clients in public and at various events. In addition, they guard their clients against any threats, such as rowdy fans or attackers.

2. Residential and Commercial Security Guard Services

When you feel that your home requires additional security, you can hire officers to protect your private haven. Residential security officers are trained to work within residential homes or in a gated community. You can count on them to monitor your home during the day and night, even when you are away.

On the other hand, commercial security officers protect business settings. You need a professional to watch out for lurking thieves and burglars eyeing your assets. In addition, the presence of security personnel in your workstation might make employees and clients feel safer.

3. Event Security Guard Services

If you are hosting an event with many people in attendance, you might see the need to hire security personnel. Security officers can help you maintain order in the event. You will need a professional to control crowds, especially in the event of chaos or a stampede.

Event security officers may also help you by providing insightful directions and guidance to your guests. This should improve the experience of the guests and hosts. Whether planning a wedding, concert, or sports event, consider hiring event security guard services.

4. Armed Security Guard Services

Armed officers carry weapons with them to reinforce security and order. They are highly trained and skilled to handle weapons and use them appropriately.

Since armed security guards are usually expensive to hire and maintain, they are recommended to protect valuable items. Armed officers are also often contracted when transporting high-risk goods or targeted individuals.

Those are four main types of security guard services you might need at some point. If you need to hire any of these services discussed, contact a local security service company for more information.

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