5 Ways Security Guards Add To Your Current HOA Security

Does your homeowners' association need live security guard services? Even if you have other security measures in place, such as cameras or a locked entry gate, adding a real guard boosts the effectiveness of these other safety and security methods. How so? Here are five ways your new guard will add value to existing measures. 

1. They Enforce Association Rules

Your homeowners' association has rules and regulations that make life enjoyable for tenants or homeowners. These also aid security and safety. But having rules doesn't do much to protect people if they aren't properly enforced. A security guard or guards will help enforce things like parking regulations, speed limits and road rules, pool and spa area rules, and tailgating prohibitions. 

2. They Patrol Blind Spots

You can't put a monitored camera everywhere all the time. Every complex or neighborhood has blind spots where cameras don't reach or where coverage is impeded by natural obstacles. Live security officers can patrol these risky points to ensure they are protected when automated security can't do the job well. 

3. They Ensure Security Is Functional

Computerized and automatic security features break down over time, especially those that are used 24/7. Someone needs to check on these systems regularly to perform maintenance and ensure that they are working correctly. Security staff are ideal for this job because they patrol areas on a regular basis and because they're trained to work with security technology. 

4. They Provide a Visible Reminder

Automatic security is often designed to be less intrusive and visible than human guards stationed at public points. But sometimes you want that public face for your security. It makes people feel more protected when they see a regular presence and interact with someone who answers questions and gives security guidance. 

5. They Can Easily Adapt

It's not each to change automatic security features like access control on doors and the location of cameras for temporary events. But you can move security staff around as much as needed. Having a large community party? Security guards can direct their attention to patrolling it and enforcing community rules. Dealing with construction? Extra patrols protect expensive equipment. Had a break-in? You could increase both vehicle patrols or conduct house-to-house outreach.

How could security guards boost the overall security you already have? You might be surprised to learn the many ways. Start today by touring your complex or community with a security guard service in your area. 

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