Should You Hire Unarmed or Armed Security Guards? Key Points to Consider

Hiring a security guard for a location, business, or event inevitably raises the critical question of whether to employ unarmed or armed security guards. You need to consider several key points when making this important decision. This article takes a look at some of the most crucial factors to think about.

Type of Location or Event

The first thing to consider is the environment in which the security guard will be operating. For example, if you are hiring security for an event like a wedding or a conference, unarmed guards are a good idea. These types of environments are rarely the target of criminals, and armed guards could make those present nervous or fearful unnecessarily. Or, a business such as a warehouse would generally not need an armed guard either, as you would want the guard to simply call the police in case of any intruders.

In some instances, armed guards might be necessary. Banks, for example, often have armed guards to dissuade robbers from taking action. In this type of circumstance, customers might even be reassured by the presence of an armed guard.

For certain situations, it's hard to judge which type of security is best. Hospitals are one example. For instance, an armed guard might have the ability to react to a violent threat more forcefully, but there is also the risk that a disturbed patient could take the security officer's gun and harm others.


A second key consideration is liability. If you employ armed guards, there is always the possibility that they could shoot someone and you could be held liable for the guard's actions. For this reason, if you employ armed guards, your insurance premiums are likely to be higher than if you employ unarmed guards. This is definitely a point in favor of unarmed guards, all things being equal.


In any decision of this type, cost is typically a factor and, once again, the cost issue favors hiring unarmed security personnel. Armed guards will cost more than unarmed guards because armed guards need more training. Unarmed guards generally make several dollars less per hour than armed guards, so unless you have a specific reason to hire armed personnel, hiring unarmed security is a good way to save on expenses.

Deciding whether to hire unarmed or armed security officers can be a difficult decision. Be sure to keep these important points in mind when making your choice. Contact security businesses like FCSS Corp. for more information or assistance.

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