Rules Of Thumb For VIP Guests And Event Security

Special events are fun for everyone involved, especially when you have invited a bunch of VIPs. When these VIPs are high-profile famous people, you can bet that event security is an absolute must. In fact, most talent agents will not even allow these VIPs to attend a special event unless event security is present and proven as hired. Before you begin looking for an event security company to hire, keep the following rules of thumb (as they pertain to VIP guests) in mind.

​Minimum Number of Security Guards Per VIP

When you have VIPs in attendance, you have to have extra security. There is a rule of thumb for the number of security guards you are supposed to have for each VIP. Ask talent agents first if the VIPs will be bringing their own guards. Then, ask if the VIPs have any requests in regard to the number of guards they want on their detail. If there are no requests, then the rule of thumb is at least two security guards should be monitoring and protecting each VIP at the event. Make sure that the event security company you hire has enough available guards to cover not just your regular guests at the event, but also each and every VIP guest.

Minimum Number of Guards for Everyone Else

As for the rest of the people at the event, you should have a guard for every fifty or so people. If it is going to be an especially large event, hire every guard that the security company has available that night, no exceptions. The masses are going to want to get close to the VIPs, and there may be a few party crashers pursuing the VIPs. Protection is necessary all around, just in case someone unstable is looking for fifteen minutes of infamy by assaulting a VIP or waving a weapon around. 

Every​ Guard Has to Be Ear-Mic Connected

​Considering the caliber of people in attendance, every guard at the event needs to be mic'ed up. All the ear microphones must work, and the whole team has to be made aware of any comings and goings of VIPs. Even when VIPs need to go to the restroom, the guards should be checking the restrooms before the VIPs enter, and then remain by the door until the VIP comes back out of the restroom. In the event that something unusual does occur, only available guards not on VIP duty are allowed to pursue and/or intervene.

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