5 Ways To Improve Construction Site Security

Construction is a lengthy process. Consequently, it's not uncommon to work at a site for weeks or months. A large part of keeping the projects on schedule for the client is your ability to keep the site secure and untouched. To accomplish this goal, you must take security seriously. If you believe you could use some improvement in this area, here are some tips that can help.

1. Perform an Inventory

Assess the area around the construction site. You cannot adequately protect the area if you are not aware of what risks are present as well as what high-value equipment is in the area. Make the inventory rolling, in that you reassess the list often as equipment is removed or bought to the site.

2. Make Security a Team Effort

Security is not a task that should be assigned to a single individual. The effort to maintain security onsite should be a site-wide goal. Ensure each team lead is speaking with their team about their responsibility to keep an eye out while working and to ensure all high-value equipment is returned to its proper place once no longer in use.

3. Install Secure Storage

Set aside an area for secure storage on site. Small high value equipment is easy for someone to steal, conceal and get away. For these items, a lockable trailer or other structure is ideal since you will need to have a key or code to access the area. To further maximize its benefit, only provide certain team members with keys. This system will improve accountability and make it easier to designate who can access the equipment. 

4. Hire Services

Invest in onsite security for the site, particularly for the after hours. During the day, when the site is active, it's easier for the team to keep a lookout around the site and the average thief is less likely to strike during this period. You can hire a security professional to monitor the property during the after hours when a crime is more likely to happen. The professional will watch the site and report any alarming information back to you. 

5. Create an Access System

Your construction site should not be an open access area. Only those individuals who are actively working on the site should be present. To prevent unauthorized individuals from sneaking on to the site, set up an access system. With an access system, each person will need a badge or code to gain access through the gate or other entry. An access system can significantly limit unauthorized access.

Keep security a top priority. Ensure you follow these tips to stay on the right path. Contact a service, like https://security-unlimited.com/, for more help.

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