What Internet Security Options Are Actually Useful?

When people think of internet security, it's likely they still mostly think of antivirus software and firewalls. Unfortunately, given the increasingly diverse array of threats coming from the internet, more active measures are required in order to handle the job. If you're wondering what internet security software options you need to take a look at, this list will give you a starting point.

A Virtual Private Network

We tend to think of the bad actors on the internet as hackers sitting on the other side of the planet waiting to get hold of our banking data, but there are growing concerns about more legitimate parties closer to home. For example, your ISP may be scanning the information coming and going from your connections, and they might even be selling it as customer data.

A virtual private network, commonly called a VPN, uses encryption methods to ensure that prying eyes can't read your data. They've become popular with international travelers, especially folks who don't want to deal with government restrictions in countries like China. VPNs, however, have also become more appealing to folks who are concerned about anyone looking at their data or restricting their access, even in the U.S.

General Internet Security Software

The role of the antivirus has expanded dramatically, going from simply checking files you're downloading for problems to actively scanning connections to and from your system to ensure nothing untoward is happening. Modern internet security software handles many tasks, such as notifying you that critical pieces of software you're running, such as your web browser, need to be updated. They also actively scan your system's memory and files to ensure that nothing unexpected has popped up. Old standbys in the industry, particularly Norton, TrendMicro, AVG, Panda and McAfee, are still going strong, but you may also be interested in newer entries from companies like Avast, Sophos, Avira and Bitdefender.

Ad Blockers

Self-service ads on the internet have long been one of the biggest sources of malware. Consequently, the fastest way to avoid issues with malware on the web is to have ad blocking operating on your browser. AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin are both excellent options that are available for free, and they can even be run side-by-side. Be aware that if you use multiple browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, that you'll need to install the versions of the plug-ins intended for each browser.

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