Benefits Of Placing A Security Checkpoint At The Top Of An Escalator

In addition to patrolling inside of buildings, security officers also perform their duties at security checkpoints that are located throughout the premises. While it's common to have a security checkpoint in the lobby of the building, it also makes sense to have one or more checkpoints located in different areas. When assessing a building to determine where to place security checkpoints, it's important to take a strategic approach. If your building is equipped with escalators, it often makes sense to have a security checkpoint near the top of one of them. Here are some reasons that this location is suitable.

People Might Not Expect It

You don't necessarily want the security checkpoint to be highly identifiable from far away. This position means that anyone who is on the premises for dubious reasons could easily identify and circumvent the checkpoint. When you have the checkpoint near the top of an escalator, people might not be able to see it from the floor below, nor might they expect it. Its presence can allow you to catch suspects by surprise and have them essentially come toward you when they wouldn't otherwise do so.

There Are Limited Escape Routes

If someone who is up to no good rides up an escalator and then is suddenly facing a security checkpoint staffed by one or more officers, he or she will immediately look for a way to avoid approaching it. Fortunately, your security officers will be monitoring people as they get to the top of the escalator, and can easily identify this elusive behavior. Fortunately, there are limited places for a suspect to flee in this location. He or she is unlikely to attempt to run back down the escalator, especially if it's crowded, which should allow your officers to detain the suspect with ease.

It Controls Access To New Floors

Depending on the layout and nature of the building to which you're providing security, having a checkpoint at the top of an escalator can make sense if certain people are permitted on this floor and others aren't. A checkpoint in this spot allows your officers to check peoples' identification or passes and then allow authorized people to proceed to wherever they're going. Those who perhaps took the escalator by accident or are lost can then be shown to the downward escalator and can continue on their way by visiting the floor from which they came.

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