3 Things You Need To Know About Working As A Part-Time Security Officer

If you need reliable part-time work, working as a security officer may be a good choice for your secondary career. There is a wide variety of shifts and positions available; security officers may work as-needed for specific events, or they might have a permanent arrangement working for a business. Read on to learn important details about working as a security officer so that you can decide if it is the right job for you.

1. Security Officer Positions are Flexible

One of the top benefits of working as a security officer is that you have a number of shifts to choose from. Since you will be working this position in addition to your primary job, you want to ensure shifts are available during your free periods. Whether you want to work nights, days, or weekends, you can find a position that suits your schedule. You have the option to search for a long-term position with a defined schedule, or you may prefer to work varying hours each week that change based on your availability.

2. You May Need to Procure a License or Undergo a Certain Level of Training

Requirements to work as a security officer vary from state to state. Some states require that prospective security officers apply for a license by submitting an application, paperwork concerning their background, and proof that they are permitted to work in the US. You might need to have a job lined up in order to receive the training and education necessary to become a security officer. 

Training and education requirements are also different within each state. Some states necessitate specific training classes, while others call for a certain number of training hours. This education is intended to ensure that security officers know how to effectively and safely diffuse high-stress situations.

Even if you plan to work in a state that does not require training or licensing to work as a security officer, you may benefit from securing any available licenses in your area. Companies may find these licenses desirable, as they indicate that potential candidates have received some type of formal training or education. If you currently work as a law enforcement officer, you may be eligible to skip some or all of the components necessary to secure a license in your state. 

3. Some Positions Offer Benefits

Many companies that employ security officers or help them find available shifts offer some type of benefits. Benefits may include a retirement savings plan, health insurance, and paid vacation. If your benefits are currently lacking at your primary position, a secondary position as a security officer can help you bridge this gap. 

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